About Augmental

Augmental is a leader in implementing Mixed Reality platforms which unify content and consistently deliver better business efficiencies.

We help worldwide organisations boost productivity gains, reduce failure rates, and provide better data perception. Our focus on remote assistance, training & task guidance, meetings & collaboration and data visualisation & interaction brings Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR) to global enterprises at scale.

We commenced utilising XR technologies as a division of the Glenfield Digital Group in 2013 with a Virtual Asset Management Pilot for the Saipem Leighton Consortium and Chevron.  Since this time we have been recognised in the media for our work, which include one of the first Virtual Reality tour experiences for the Oil & Gas Industry in 2015.  This has lead to further advances in the Augmented Reality field as an early adopter of such technologies as the Microsoft HoloLens. 

Our customers are diverse and include government agencies, military organizations, manufacturers, consultants, mining companies, marine services, data miners, retailers, and technology vendors.

Strategy first approach

Augmental has a well defined methodology to take an organisation from a sphere pilot to widespread adoption.

Our pilot process, for example, examines in detail existing processes and procedures in a business and establishes methods to integrate and measure AR digital transformation, giving stakeholders a better understanding of the strategic value of the technology first.

We complement this with a focus on addressing important AR deployment considerations such as safety, security and change management requirements, making implementing such unique and useful technologies much easier, more thorough.

Bringing Augmented Reality to APAC and the UK

We can guide your organisation through Discovery, Definition, Design, Deliver and Drive stages of a Mixed Reality Pilot Program, bringing you measurable benefits. 

Augmental @ Henderson
Pilot Program

We take an organisation from a pilot to widespread adoption through our enterprise approach to Extended Reality. Our well-defined methodology is business transforming with significant ROI.

Boost Productivity Gains

An increase of 15-35% in productivity through augmented remote assistance and training, and a 4x improvement to service time.

Reduction in Errors

Bring acceptable failure rate numbers to zero with augmented task guidance and machine assistance.

Better Data Perception

Enhanced AR visual analysis improves data validation time and knowledge retention, leading to better comprehension and response.

With sphere we have seen enterprises achieving upwards of 35% productivity gains, 95% less assembly line errors and around 50% faster resolution of design issues

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